CELEBRATING the Elements


Kundalini Shakti with Siri Sat & Guru Dharam

Tulúm, Mexico • The Sacred Land of the Maya, December 16-22, 2019

The elements of Wind, Water, Fire and Earth collide with magical intensity at the Caribbean shoreline of Tulum beach. Come and immerse yourself in this elemental sanctuary at the low tide mark of the year to alchemically recalibrate, recuperate and rejuvenate your being to become vital, vibrant and victorious through to the summer solstice.

Immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of the ancestral land of the Maya for sacred Kundalini yoga and meditation We will be offering ceremonies of purification and Dream Medicine to enter and experience the sacred realm of Plenty.  


The Land of the Maya is the ancestral home of the Great Birds we called ‘THO’ which have exquisite turquoise feathers. The THO are our Grandfathers and they await the Return of the Goddess* who will bring back the Solar Knowledge to humankind and allow them to fly out of their caves.** It is the moment to manifest the Maya within, ‘to choose oneself,’ when you own the Science and the Spirit*** to manifest the Great Work. This is to help guide humanity to the harmony and balance that the Ancient Ones - KuKulKan, Hunab-Ku, IxCheel and Itzamana - decreed for us.

* This means the return of the sacred feminine.

** This means to embrace awakened consciousness and elevate oneself.

*** This means the intellect and the heart.

Immerse yourself in the pristine elemental beauty of the Ancestral Land of the Maya. Journey with Siri Sat and Guru Dharam to Mexico to witness sacred practice of Risen Kundalini, Yoga Kriyas, Offerings, Meditation and Ceremony.

Yogi Bhajan's Prophecy

Yogi Bhajan came to the West in 1969 and said  'I have not come to gather students I have come to train teachers... to help others into the frequency of the Age of Aquarius.' He championed the position of women saying 'Until the institution of Womanhood is given the respect she deserves we shall never excel.' He spoke unequivocally of the emergence of a new relationship between the genders in the new age declaring that 'In the Age of Aquarius the Spirit of Shakti shall prevail.' Yogi Bhajan emphasized the Way of the Heart in his dictum 'Understand through Compassion or you will misunderstand the times.'

Yogi Bhajan spoke as the personal manifestation of the Indo-Yogic Maha Nagas while the Mayan Shaman spoke for the Great Medicine Wheel of Meso-America. These cultures developed on opposite sides of the globe yet have identical perspectives on the significance of the '5th Sun' or 'Piscean Aquarian' shift.  Perhaps their respective wisdom traditions are derived from the same  spiritual transmission? Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is taught primarily by women a phenomenon that exquisitely authenticates the words of the prophecy which anticipated the 'Return of the Goddess.'

The Temple of the Descending God

This ancient site, located on the cliffs overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, dates back thousands of years. Tulum was one of the most important trading ports of the Maya and was directly linked to the complex of Coba. The ornately carved structures give a true glimpse into the consciousness of this extraordinary culture. The Maya discovered vortices where energy, of a special vibratory frequency, enhanced their purification process and harnessed immense mystical power. They used the technology of Atlantis, the fabled 'City of the Transparent Crystals' to engineer this Alchemical Wonder. Your physical presence here will link you to an Ancient Living Spiritual Matrix which will infuse you with Healing, Light and Consciousness.


Shambala Petit Hotel and Retreat Center

This unique event will be held at the Shambala Retreat Center, an eco resort situated on the pristine white sand of Tulum. Shambala has 10 casitas each with the traditional Palapa thatched roof in an exquisite minimalist Mayan style. All well appointed and most have en suite bathrooms. Scattered among the palm trees, and lapped by the turquoise waves of the Caribbean , the casitas are enveloped by peace and tranquility. Our yoga studio is a few steps from the shore and the sound of the surf breaking on the beach will be our elemental Mantra for 6 whole days. Shambala serves delicious Mexican yogic cuisine!