"Even as we sleep we Dream.
And in those Dreams we know there is a potential greatness
and creativity. There is a hidden Artist in us,
a Sage, a Saint and a Warrior".  
  - Yogi Bhajan

PRACTICE TO CLEANSE, HEAL AND ATTUNE THE 72 NAADISaccompanied by live master musicians and optional amristar trip (April 8-12)

A soul immersion and attunement
to the Naad of victory, peace and compassion - your shield for the age of Aquarius.

OptionAl: Journy to Amritsar Addition April 8 -12, 2019.

We have added an optional journey post-retreat to the magnificent Golden Temple. This will be lead by Siri Sat who has extensive experience of this magical place. (More info on details and registration page below)

Dream Medicine

You are invited to explore and cultivate the psycho-spiritual phenomenon of the Dream state. Dreams are a sacred dialogue and communication between the depths of the collective unconscious, the psyche of the individual and the super conscious realms of Light. 

We shall share practices to:

  • to cultivate the Dreambody

  • to Dream on task individually

  • to Dream on task collectively

  • to attain Lucidity in Dreaming

  • to heal the self through Dream

  • to build a Dream Bridge for healing empowerment and transformation


The Dream space is a wellspring of profound spiritual consciousness which contains the promise of pure Potential. It can transmit and generate information, guidance or an altered perspective on challenging issues which hold your attention and consume your energy.  Awakened Dreaming can unlock and release difficult situations or relationships, which are 'stuck' and painful to enable you to move forward with forgiveness and compassion in your heart - and Light in your frontal lobe. 

Naad The Awakening

The peerless consciousness of the Rishis who synthesized the form we recognize as Kundalini Yoga completely understood the circadian and biorhythms of the human condition.

They defined the time thresholds of practice to 3, 11, 31, 62 and 150 minutes. They also gave Kriyas that last longer and require practice at more specific intervals.

Naad the Awakening is an extraordinary example of such precision:this Kriya runs over an 11 day cycle. In each of the first three days there is practice devoted to purifying and activating one of the Maha Naadis - Sushumna, Ida and Pingala  - each employing profound visualization practices. On the fourth day, fasting is required with plenty of Yogi Tea ( no honey ) from 3.00am to drink to stimulate the inner Fire as an offering to Shakti Ma. We begin chanting the at 11.00 at night late on the forth day for 90 minutes which directly stimulates the Subtle Body. The ancient scale ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa Ta Na Ma Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung’ is the Naad of the Siri Ragis who perfected Deepak Siddhi ; the power of simultaneously igniting the divine Fire within and the fire of man without.

During the succeeding 6 days we begin to chant at the time we stopped the night before so imprinting the healing and awakening properties of the sound current in a continual time frame from 11.00 - 8.00 divided into 6 portions. This 11 day practice creates a time release sacred algorithm of unique transformative potential. 


This journey is open to all; yoginis, yogis, teachers, dreamers and family members (please let us know). No experience is necessary and beginners are welcome. We ask that you come with a willingness and an open mind and respect for the other attendees. Taking some yoga or mediation classes in advance can be helpful.  Regrettably we cannot accommodate your pets!


The course will be held at the Nirvana River Resort situated 25 km north of Rishikesh where we can allow our entire being to bathe in the peace of sacred energies that emanate from the elements of water and nature.