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RETREAT TO EGYPT - Kundalini on the Nile: LIFE CYCLES, LIFESTYLES, & LIFETIMES with Guru Dharam & Siri Sat


Esoteric Practices for Self-Initiation & Soul Transmission

Offered in partnership with Kundalini Medicine.

November 11th - 22nd, 2019

Kundalini Egypt

(Luxor and Cairo)

Egyptian Pharonic Culture perceived G-o-d in all aspects of life. The vision permeated the geographical and topographical features of the land and the flow of the Nile itself.

In fact, Pharaonic culture was a standard bearer of Kundalini practice and had mastered many aspects of esoteric and magical lore that were then kept and taught in their great mystery schools. This part of our journey allows time for us to visit magnificent Temples of Inner Illumination and to practice Kriyas which engage the Tattvas (the elements) and give an experience of deep awakening.

Aquarian Teacher Training: Level TWO


(Aswan to Edfu, ending in Luxor. 6 nights of sailing.)

When we can follow the flow of life we are renewed with each breath as we reveal the mystery and find mastery through all the cycles of life. 

The yogis understood that life has 3 crucial stages that are interdependent and interrelated. First, the process of choosing a mother and being born. Second, the play of Lila, (the divine play,) as we make Karmic or Dharmic choices during the story of our life. Third, is the manner in which we die and return to the heavens.

These 3 stages form a series of interlocking cycles that can be modified, altered, and refined by the Yogi. Come explore and heal all the different cycles of your life in Egypt.


  • Success and Happiness

  • The Journey of Life

  •  The Destiny Cycle

  •  Death

  •  Mapping our Life Span

  •  Healing the Formative Years, (0 - 11)

  •  Establishing Positive Habits

  •  Adolescence

  •  Productivity, Prosperity and Sharing

  •  Prime Adulthood

  •  Sexuality across the Lifespan

  •  Maturity and the Midlife Crisis

  •  Values and Ethics over the Life Span

  •  Character, Integrity, and Merger

  •  The Role of the Elder in Community

Key Topics

  • Identify habits, attitudes and practices that help or hinder your life in the present, past and future.

  • Examine and map out the stages and cycles of life.

  • Learn to deeply understand our death. Confront the fear of death and learn to live weightlessly.

  • Renew your self-concept by discovering your purpose and destiny for living an extraordinary life.

Remember your past lives. Remember Egypt.